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Motivational quotes
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Maybe it was my fault for loving you too much."
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my number one piece of advice is drink water and stay hydrated. we are made out of water. everything in us is made of water. and u are sitting there drinking a diet coke tellin me that’s all you’ve had to drink today. please get up and drink some water. for the love of god.

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Everything you love is here
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“There are two ways you can go with pain: You can let it destroy you or you can use it as fuel to drive you; to dream bigger & to work harder.” ― Taylor Swift
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Hey, bored? :3
Tips for a new relationship
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Steps to the perfect date
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Make someone fall for you
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Well, the way it works, as I’ve learned recently, is if you reach a certain point in your career where things are going very well, public perception needs a ‘Yeah, but.’ Like, ‘Yeah, but she’s been on lots of dates apparently.’ ‘Yeah, but I hear she’s crazy.’ I think you’ll find it has a lot to do with being a woman. And I resent that. That there has to be some downside to your personality or lifestyle if you’re a woman and successful. But I’m not gonna say to my guy friends ‘No, I can’t go to lunch because people will say we’re dating.’ I just reject the idea I have to change the way I live my life.
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Karma: what goes around, comes around…wear your necklace as a reminder to keep the circle positive, peaceful and loving…
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